ACM + Joe Snape: FLECK [EU Tour]

June 2015

Yes! The European leg of the tour with ACM and Sarah Hill totally happened, and it was more fun than I could even have hoped. We met in Amsterdam for early rehearsals with our amazing guest Genevieve Murphy, then went to play the opening gig a couple of days later in Berlin with stalwart Laurie Tompkins. After a show at Aarhus’s Spanien 19B and a seminar at the  Royal Academy of Music there, we headed to Mayhem in Copenhagen with local boy Kaj Duncan David. The van died, Avis was visited, late shows rolled seamlessly into 5am flight check-ins, and in a transitional haze we made it to Amsterdam for a packed last show at Splendor. Here’s a shot by Sarah of our Berlin gig at Del Rex, which was every bit as sweaty and delicious as the one in London the month before.

FFF Berlin 2

There’s a nice little interview about the project in a mixture of Dansk & English about the project at the SNYK site here, and there’s a film of the tour to drop soon. Finally, in July the gang & I were back in Birmingham at Vivid Projects filming Fleck Flob Flop in its entirety, and there’s a bitesized rough cut of that session previewing here. Big thanks to Laura Milner at Vivid, and to Amsterdams fonds voor de Kunst, Københavns Kommune, AUT, SNYK & CLS for their immense support. Without you this simply wouldn’t have happened. We’ll be back on the road in early 2016 in Central & Eastern Europe.

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