Northumberland Radical Fun Group / Taller & Taller LP & Live Show

Summer 2022

Things on this archive page have been quiet for a while, but we’ve been furiously making music in the background. There’s news on the Northumberland Radical Fun Group: after I unexpectedly received a Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists, an attempt at a modest and rigorous little EP working out all the lessons from Action Vibration Volume 1 covertly morphed into a new full-length record including actual songs with words, but we won’t be putting this out until we’ve played the material out a bit more as an ensemble, in a smaller, logistically sensibler manner; the NRFG Chamber Unit (a jolly little four-piece of multi-instrumentalists feat. HORNS) will be playing this set from the middle of spring through the end of the year, in the North East at first but then more widely. Keep your peepers peeled for dates. 

Here’s one of the more banging of the new actual songs, unmastered: 

A miscellaneous update about which more when further details become available: as of last week, there’s a trip on the books to do a new, one-performer version of You Are The Mole at the Oslo Fringe Festival in September. Because Norway is quite far, and because it’s not a cheap place, I’m looking to add some more dates on the way. If you’re reading this near Oslo or its neighboring nations and you like programming odd and adventurous performances involving fun music, please write me! Odds are that if you can kick me some cash, food and a dry place to sleep that isn’t absolutely sordid or literally dangerous, I’ll come and do it.


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