April 2023 – London, Naples & Oslo

After a pretty long lead-in, the Cyborg Soloists project with the Zöllner-Roche duo and Royal Holloway, University of London happened last week at Rich Mix in London. Huge thanks to Zubin Kanga, Caitlyn Rowley, and Marcella Keating for putting the show together, and to Heather Roche and Eva Zöllner for playing my quiet, little piece, which is called Signs of Life, so well. Here’s a very short clip of the last minute-or-so from soundcheck filmed on a phone–the organisers have some nice documentation in the works, but it gives an fine sense of the general situation, though the sound is about as shoddy as you’d expect. I’ll post the better documentation when it arrives.

Exciting times ahead – I’ll be in Naples for half of June for Altofest 2023, which if you don’t know about you probably should; it’s a completely fascinating performance festival-cum-social experiment run by Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono of TeatrInGestAzione with their community of Neapolitans, and they’ve won all kinds prizes for their curatorial nous. As I understand it, it’s a fortnight-long artistic utopia in what I hope will be unbroken sunshine. Then back out to Oslo for a much briefer period at the start of September for the Fringe festival there, both times with my catchy video piece about the end of the open internet and freewill more generally. More details as I get them; in the meantime, pray for good global health and reliable travel!

One last thing – a friend sent me a link to some of their new stuff, (embed below), and it’s kind of nice, dreamy, tender stuff. Recommended…


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