Nicole Patrick / That Minnesota Sound

Ongoing 2021-23

Another long-term, slow-burn project is entering its blossoming stage: about a year ago, I finished a first pass of a piece for the absurdly and multiply talented NYC drummer Nicole Patrick. Since then, she’s been touring basically the whole time, but the stars are beginning to align and our long-distance epistolary working relationship looks to be about to take on a fleshy and directly vibrational quality! Here’s a little snippet of That Minnesota Sound, which is a wild, musical exploration of a mysterious, unlabeled cassette I received in the mail with an old Minnesotan keyboard I bought off of ebay. Going to be funky? Absolutely it is.

Until we get into a room together and really sort stuff out, I’m afraid we’ll all have to make do with a dodgy softsynth demo snippet of a track tentatively titled ‘Mwah’ run a bit hot into a limiter (yuk, but also it conveys the idea just fine). Think the music to the scene of your favourite romcom (you know, any one of the ones in which an impossibly gorgeous protagonist is chasing another through the airport) but instead of the music being dignified and romantic it’s romantic but resolutely undignified: everybody is dressed like sad clowns with yellow rubber gloves and is wearing covid masks and confetti canon are going off left, right and centre, and a chamber ensemble is also involved in the chase, limping along at high speed and lugging instruments not designed for the 100-metre dash. Also it’s happening in St. Paul Minnesota downtown airport and there’s an enormous fresco of Prince on the ceiling of the airport departures concourse. Unfortunately I don’t get paid for referring you to images of the Sistine Chapel, nor to confetti canon outlets on the interwebs. But any day that one sees a confetti canon is surely better than a day on which one does not? (Mike’s painting isn’t bad either).


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