Records Roundup + Summer Shows

April 2015

Last month, I put out two quite different records at the same time via the Slip and Kesh labels, and you can find them here and here. Playing shows in their support has been a remarkable and pretty life-affirming few weeks: a big thanks to everybody who has been involved so far. Here’s a quick round-up, beginning with Paul Daly‘s beautiful video for Brittle Love‘s Lada, lovingly shot on 16mm film:

In other corners of the Internet, you’ll find this long-form interview on Brittle Love with ATTN‘s Jack Chuter, and this joint review of Brittle Love and Tired Music over at Fluid Radio. With a bit of extra Googling, you might find moreBrittle Love physicals sold out from Bleep in the first couple of weeks, but I have it on good authority that they’re back in stock; Tired Music is digital and therefore infinitely achievable. Listen to a slice of it here, played on Stuart Maconie’s BBC6 Freakier Zone a couple of weeks back. Video of a full Tired Music set from Berlin’s beautiful Quiet Cue space should be online soon.

Finally, there are a few shows I’m very excited about lining up for the summer, spread between other projects, including a fresh double album for Slip and a big processed organ piece with the second-to-none Will Gardner. Listen to mad bass here, read dates below, and expect more to follow.

Screen shot 2015-05-02 at 09.27.46

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