UK Young Artist + SPACES UK Tour

Nov’ 2014

This November it was a great pleasure to be part of a sprawling programme of new art in Leicester, put together by the UK Young Artists festival-cum-extravaganza. The selection covered fine art, performance, music and literature, and included some awesome pieces, like Alexander Duncan’s cove, and Webb-Ellis’ Mother. I Am Going. Two packed shows the same night at Pace, in a super dark room on an amazing system. A film by Glenn Mallard here, and this photo from Claudia Dora:


Huge thanks to the Laura Boswell, Laura Evans and the whole team at UKYA for the invitation and support. If anyone from the Ramada in Leicester is reading this and knows anything about my favourite pair of grey trousers please drop me a line and I will buy you dinner. More Lärmlicht at Del Rex in Berlin on January 24th.

In other news, a tour organised by  Video Jam and Slip called SPACES totally happened. Together with the fine WULF Collective I made a 30-minute piece called Thus Spoke The Wulf, and we played it in Leeds, London, and Liverpool. It was all bright colours and xylophones and clarinet glissandi and hyperreal guitars and synthesisers stuck together with sellotape run red-hot through speakers smaller than a ten-pence piece, and it was a special treat to play it out alongside people like Ollie Coates and Ex-Easter Island Head. The project was backed by Arts Council England, and thank you to the hordes and unhordes that came to watch and listen. Below is a little excerpt, and the thing was recently shown in full at the Hyperlocal festival in Buenos Aires, which is a thing that seems to involve luxurious amounts of nudity. Special thanks to Sarah Hill for setting that up, and to Video Jam for the whole thing.

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