Lärmlicht #4

August, 2011

A new Lärmlicht, composed in residence at CMMAS, the national institute for music and sonic art in Mexico. It’s composed from lightbulbs, visually and sonically. (Spot the celeste). The fixed media version looks and sounds like this:

Thanks very much to CMMAS, whose facilities and hospitality were top notch all the way through, especially when the studio was hit by lightning and everything almost ended. (Almost actually). Also for providing such a great place to work and to meet people doing cool things. Lärmlicht #4 is coming to film festivals & performance spaces near you soon. In the meantime, press PLAY. Then tweet it.

Addendum: If you’re in the south of England at the end of October, come to the Scott Polar Research Institute on the 30th, to see & hear a 9-channel A/V installation written with Sarah McKee, who is a Very Fine writer. Celebrating 100 years of improvements in the outdoor apparel industry. (Not really).

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