Joyrobix UK Tour, Various / Sound and Music Composer-Curator / Musarc

Apr 2019

Updates! The new record, Joyrobix, came out on the 4th of April, and The Quietus’ Robert Barry wrote some very nice words about it here. Thanks, Robert! It also got some radio play, which is deliciously (t)rad in the age of Youtube, on BBC 3’s Late Junction and BBC 6 Music’s Freak Zone. Sick one; thanks to Slip for setting those up. Also, Laurie Tompkins and I did a little hour on NTS. Buy the record, help artists eat! Together with bandbuddies Louise Snape and Jethro Cooke – and every night with Laurie & Suze, too – we did 8 shows to support the record. Photo below of our Manchester opening night at Soup Kitchen by FoxMoon Photography.


Thank you to everybody who came out to see the music up & down the country; we had fun, and got to see some beautiful places we’ve never been (whaddup Bradford, Bristol, all of Sussex – what on actual earth is Arundel?!…) Berlin at the weekend, and our first clutch of Euro shows in June. In lieu of proper documentation, here’s a little mediatic taste of what we’ve been doing:

In other news, the composer-in-residence project with percussionist Delia Stevens‘ madly ambitious Conundrums project is officially underway; we’re one of bunch of folks on Sound and Music‘s composer-curator program for the year ahead. There are going to be tours and panels and podcasts and loads of sick repertoire for percussion ensemble, and some classic plinky plonky hot-takes courtesy of yours truly on issues from social capitalism to the housing crisis. Also, possibly a piece for the super cool London choral collective Musarc, details forthcoming.

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