Fleck, Flob, Flop @ Redon, London / Petrushka Reloaded Tour Dates, PL + DE

Nov 2018 – Feb 2019

Radical! Joe Bates and the merry Filthy Lucre lot invited power-Mancunians ACM and yours truly to do our live-typed text piece from 2015, Fleck Flob Flop at the newly opened Redon club in Bethnal Green, and it was great. Thanks very much guys – your sound engineer was one of the Greatest Of All Time. Here’s a little snap of Vitalija Glovackyte and Robbie Gardiner doubling down on the tough stuff, in a photo credited to Filthy Lucre:


I’ve been shirking documentarian duties here for a while, but in a good way: so much music got made! First, the new record Joyrobix is actually done–I heard the test pressing on Monday and it’s coming out as SLP047 on April 4th, just before we hit the road with it. Second, here is a tiny slice of the big orchestral refix of Stravinsky’s ballet Petrushka that’s coming up in March, which I said in a previous post would have vocoder all over it. It still definitely does, but more importantly it also sounds like the end of your favourite Disney film. Forgive the mix, it’s a thrown-together demo, but I was too excited to wait until a recording of the real thing comes in later this spring. 🙂

The piece, which is called Petrushka Reloaded, is for the kind of weird little ensembles I cobble together (a quartet this time: SPD & feedback station, electric guitar, vocoder & midi heaven, singer & toys), plus one hundred actual people with real instruments. Thanks to Konstantin and Pauli at the orchestra for their stewardship, and to the indefatigable Christoph Altstaedt and Simon Nathan (who has like literally done Rick Wakeman’s arrangements) for taking my half-baked, chamber-weirdo croonfest and exploding it into something that sounds actually rather like the old master. So fun. There’ll be mad projections from Stanisław Zaleski, too. March 7th we’re at the Philharmonic Hall, Szczecin, March 9th at the Konzerthaus, Berlin, and June 5th we play the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg twice in one day. Bonkers.

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