Input Place @ TWS + Tokyo Salon + Noguchi Room

Nov’ & Dec’ 2013

After two shows in Berlin last year – one at the strangely fabulous Voo Store and another down the road at ACUD Theater – Rosa van Hensbergen, Shaleigh Comerford and I went to Tokyo, and it was huge and the best. Together, we played a trio of shows and held two short residencies over about six weeks. The first stay was at Tokyo Wonder Site as part of Experimental Festival Vol. 8, the second at the exquisite Noguchi Room in Tamachi. Both were ace, and the project was a pleasure.


Above is a photo of the first show’s opening image, taken by Tomo Ogata at Tokyo Salon. Below is a short tap from my mixer the same night. The sounds, developed gratefully with the feedback of Rosa & Shaleigh, are an arrangement of a piece called Tired Music, which will be out on Simon Scott’s lovely Kesh label later in the spring.

For a better sense of what actually happened, head to this link. Huge thanks to Rosa for organising the whole thing, Shaleigh for her deep skillz, Shuta Shimmyo for his hospitality and steady hands, Tokyo Wonder Site for all of their support, the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation for theirs, to Homma-san and Kakumoto Atsushi, to everybody who joined us at final performance at the Noguchi Room, and to Satoshi Hattori of the Tokyo Max Users Group. Here’s hoping for a speedy return, and plenty more music.

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