Panto Child: Method One @ De Melkweg

May 25th & 26th, 2013

During last year’s April, Genevieve Murphy took Hannes Fritsch and I to Dance Works in Rotterdam to work with her on this new piece and it should have lightbulbs and contact mics and yeah there should be eggshells and moonboots too and loads of mini accordions and at least ten dancers and, and… Right? So we did, and a year later she’d sorted the whole thing out with two sold out dates at the iconic De Melkweg. We all went over a couple of weeks early, and did insane amounts of head-scratching in the Amsterdam rain. Almost a kilometre of cable, days spent up a crane, forty-two lightbulbs, twenty-six rolls of tape, a bunch of soundcards and a badly timed explosion later, it actually happened.

Panto Child Image

Twice, really well. The whole thing was like a nightmare, three-dimensional sudoku, and easily one of the hardest and most rewarding things ever. I dreamed of signal routing and artificial starlight every night. Thanks, Genevieve. And thanks Hannes, for pointing out my programming muppetries. And thanks Christina, for the steed and the marvellous bed on the stunning Prinsengracht. Mooier had echt niet gekund. Y’all come to the show when we land it in the +44.

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