Exchange #2 @ nonclassical

thursday 8th april ’10

Modern music galore at Gabriel Prokofiev’s nonclassical night at the Horse & Groom. First performances of three new pieces by William Cheshire, Kate Whitley and Laurence Osborn, alongside a triplet of fffresh remakes, but only after Tom Bayman And His Cello and Prokofiev Quartet no. 1.

William Cheshire & Andrew Spyrou: Stitch Whitley & Peter Y Martin: Shakers Osborn & Joe Snape: Vrollukk

Thanks to Jonathan Dodd and Neil AS for mekking samples in a dark room on a sunny day, to Bekah Atkins for the very beautiful photos, to Gabriel and nonclassical, to everybody who played, and to everybody who came. Jolly good.

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